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Mathilde Orange XO

Made according to a family tradition that dates back 200 years, Mathilde Orange XO is a combination of two natural alcohols -- a fine brandy made by Cognac Ferrand that is aged in oak casks and a distillate of orange peel. Mathilde Orange XO has a refined and delicate nose with subtle aromas of vine…
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Mathilde Poire

We have chosen the Bon-Chrétien Williams pear to make Mathilde Poire. When fully ripe, it has a golden yellow skin and very tasty and juicy, smooth white flesh. In order to extract as much flavor as possible from the fruit, Mathilde Poire is made from a distillate (a distillation of pear cid…
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Mathilde Cassis

Known since the 18th century as the « Elixir of Life, » black currant liqueur is made in several regions of France, though some of the best black currants are to be found in Burgundy. The two varieties used to make Mathilde Cassis are the Noir de Bourgogne and the Blackdown. Noir de Bour…
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Mathilde Framboise

Several varieties of raspberry are used to make Mathilde Framboise. Some are from Scotland, well-known for its berry fruit like Glen Prosen, Glen Moy and Glen Clova which illustrate the country's wealth of fruit. Rose de Plombières, grown in the Hautes Côtes de Bourgogne, gives the liqu…
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Mathilde Pêche

Two types of peach - vine peach and white peach - are used to make Mathilde Pêche. Vine peaches are small, with richly flavored bright red flesh. A variety highly sensitive to diseases of the vine, winegrowers around Lyon and in Charente would plant this peach in their vineyards to warn th…